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Bearing removal
: I had my third session for the week and it was awesome.

You lucky guy!

: Anyone have suggestions on the best way to remove and install bearing?

There is indeed a good way to do this. To remove a bearing, you put your skates on their side on the floor (or any other stable surface) and then slide the wheel you have removed from the axle slightly back on it. But only as far that the axle enters just the bearing you want to remove. Then you have a good level to get the bearing out. Just bent the wheel to the side.

To mount a bearing, you slide the bearing on the axle and the press the wheel on it. This way you can excert a bigger force and more control than when you try it the other way round (pushing the bearing into the wheel).

These procedures work with axles and bearing of the same diameter. You have axles which are narrower so you have to modify the procedure a bit.

: Is it worth buying a bearing press?

It probably is worth it if you are a skate shop and have to mount lots of bearings per day. If not, you should be perfectly OK with the right tricks (as I tried to describe above).
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