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Almost there
I was thinking about the subject and it could have been: getting close, almost there, About to and it all sounded like a porn. lol With that said, I had my best day yet. I am still struggling with the conditioning and only skated for about 40 minutes, but I did so much more. I was carving the combo pool at the top and was able to take two rounds hitting all three bowls. I was an F'n speed demon. It felt so amazing. I finally did some good footplants in the small bowl. I had a hard time the last time I tried and today I got way on top. I forgot how you have to put your weight up there and commit. I came so close to trying a layback air, but I wanted to make it another day. lol I am so close to getting my old tricks back and am trying to be smart and I am also just scared. I need some old schoolers to skate with and get the adrenaline going. These ten year olds just don't pump me up. I will say that on tuesday I was so annoyed by these little kids. Today I saw either brothers or twin brothers and they ripped so hard and must have been 8 or 10. They were fearless and never took a break. It reminded me of the old days. How is everyone doing with the weather? We got snow in Malibu California. This is crazy and unheard of.
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