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Lola (videos by Lola)
Marcos Longares video
Hi to all!!

Please do not take seriously anything said about me. Isra is a good friend of mine and he overrates me tremendously.

Thank you very much for your kind and exaggerated words, I know you say that to encourage me, but please don't do it again... or I will have to kill you!!
To be honest I must say that I have more than enough trying to overcome my fears in miniramps learning the easiest tricks, what even is becoming a terribly slow proccess, and of course, a real challenge!

And Torru!
Don't worry about the work coming to get your new rollerskates assembled.... Get worried for all the questions I'm going to make you all and the endless explications that I'm afraid I'm going to need till I become able to assemple my "ramp" roller skates. Je, je...

Lot of kisses for you all
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