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: Is the coping at Strassbourg at least thick enough? I prefer copings that aren't too thin. What about you?
In my opinion it's ok. It isn't thin at all. The ramp is really big, quite width and without stairs to get to the top. Skatelite is so fast but, as locals said, in winter it gets much slower. It's good to skate outside and when we got there it was a sunny day but my legs had so much work to enjoy it.

: There is a video by Brian which I do have on video tape. I don't know if Brian has it in digital form and would like to put it on YouTube. Besides, I do have "Air Attack" by René Hulgreen. This is a full-length video however and I don't know how suitable this is at all for putting up in the net and what René thinks about it.
Cool, i also have "air attack". I would like to see that video. I saw Brian in Madrid in 1992 and he's so much style.
If you or him could make anything for me to be able to see that or another video i'd be so glad.

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