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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
New Video browser
: Very Cool!!!

Thank you for your appreciation!

: Do you know if a "search message"

Would be possbile. I have integrated some search function for my other skating related site (, but I am not really satisfied with it. It is not suitable for sites which aren't really small. It is already very slow on this site. A workaround would be to use a Google search restricted to, something like Search Google for zorg on

: or "sort messages/answering date" function could be easy to make.

I'm note quite sure what you mean by this. Maybe it is not so hard to do.

: Sometime I remember an interesting post and manually datamamine the entire message history to find it. This could also put recent answers to old posts at a catch.

That's indeed a problem. Maybe there should be a view showing the most recent posts?

: If it's already on your todo/impossible list, please forget about it.

I find it interesting to discuss useful enhancements to the forum. It's just possible that I am too lazy or have to little time to do it. But don't hesitate to communicate your ideas!
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