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Paul (pictures by Paul)
Sometimes age means nothing
: That was amazing! Fabiola is so good!
: : : Here's something I found the other day. I know it's an inline video. It has Taig Khris in it,
: :
: : Taig Khris was a roller skater who switched to inline. So maybe we can count this as roller skating coverage.
: :
: : : but the thing I liked best is at the end of the clip. There's an old guy with long grey hair and a beard who must be pushing 70 and he's out vert skating with the young kids. I hope I can still do things like that at his age.
: :
: : This guy is Gerhard Jusupoglu from Germany. You can also find pictures from him in my report on the Fest Cup in Karsruhe at No one knows how old he really is, though.

I was lucky enough to skate with Gerhardt at my home park in Ft Lauderdale, FL back in 2002. What a cool guy! I'm happy to say he'll be back in Florida this March!! I since retired from Pro comps but have released my autobiography titled "Transplant To Handplant" ... please search for it on Google or Yahoo ..It's available World Wide!! Thank you.
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