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I just checked out Rene's website and was amazed. I guess I was always an underground skater. I saw pictures of so many people I have skated with. I skated with Martin Broich in Germany and did not know who he was. He took me to a club one night and it was a lot of fun. I had the pleasure of skating with Arlo Eisenberg, Jesse, Angela and many others. At the time, I was really not into the scene, but still loved skating. I am so impressed to see that these people actually got to make a profession of skating. I could never do the airs, but did quite a few different flips and held my own. I thought that I could go back to what I love and then I shattered my elbow. I still want to go back, but after six weeks I can not bend my elbow and am still in a lot of pain. I don't care how good I am or if I impress anyone, but I would like to skate again. I noticed that a lot of the great quad skaters were also great inline skaters. I personally think the good inline skaters are as good as the top quad skaters, but I seem to just like seeing the quad skating. About 16 years ago, I went to Europe just for fun and brought my inlines and met some of the coolest quad skaters. It seemed that inlines were quite new back then and the quad skaters were totally cool. I definitely wanted to get back to my roots and ride quads and for the first time in my life, I am hurt. My injury is really bad and I wonder, if I can come back. I want to so badly, but missing work for two weeks has really put a strain on me. If I can get my elbow back in shape, I really want to try my new aggressive quads. They are amazing. I wonder if I will ever do a flip again. I would be content just carving a bowl and grinding for the first time in my life. I used to be all about flips and vert hand tricks. I missed out on experiencing the true skate scene. When I was quad skating, I did not come across many others. When I travelled Europe, I was on my inlines, but it was an amazing trip. If Martin Broich is around, I would like to tell him thanks for the great skate sessions and taking me out to a German bar. I did not understand anyone, but it was fun. If anyone knows Toto Ghali from France, then I would like to say thanks to him too. We had some amazing sessions in Marsaille. If I make it back, I want to skate with some other quad skaters. Getting old is only a state of mind, but the body does not believe that. I never got hurt in twenty years and now I cant use my left arm. I will come back, if I have some quad skaters to skate with.


: I have just visited Rene's web site and seen that he now offers his videos (Eight Wheel Show, Air Attack and Reanimation) on DVD:
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