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vertical roller skating
It is so great you are getting back into skating and that you have friends to skate with. I took 14 years off as well and was loving it until I broke my elbow. It has been six weeks and I am sure in another six weeks I will be ready to go. I would love to hear about your progress. My first day I could not even turn and after a few weeks, I was doing pretty good. I have a new pair of custom vert skates waiting for me once I heal. I am sure it will take me several weeks to get used to them. I guess it is all about the fun and the journey and not the tricks at this point. I feel like an old bodybuilder that used to bench 500 lbs and now lifts 125 lbs. lol I love reading all of your stories and seeing our sport going strong through out the world. When people at work ask me how I got hurt, I try to explain, but they just don't understand. They all think I got hurt skateboarding. It's all good and I wish you all a great weekend.

: sorry we misspelt your name-Bernhard because we are just getting used to the computer i will send more photos soon
: i am only just getting back in to skating after a 15 year break have started skating with my old mates in a skating group called MOSS (melbourne old school skaters)
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