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Lyon gathering (6/4/2004)
: : : How did you find your way skating from the station to the park? I was more than happy to take the subway (actually quite cheap) and look for the park from "Stade de Gerland".
: As I had 2hours to join the park, a sunny day and 13Kg in my backpack, I prefered to enjoy the weather

So you put on your ramp skates? I have to admit that I prefer narrow axeles, soft wheels and lower cut boots on the street. However, I also arrived two hours early which I used to do some shots of the outdoor park (will eventually result on a spot page for and ejoying the weather at the cafeteria near the park. Later on Nelo came first to the entrance and we went back to hotel to fetch more skaters (including Marta).

: by this way and put parts of the 13kg on my feet. It mainly followed the subway line in case the floor were too rougth, but it wasn't...

: : : Is this your son?
: Yes, third one, last but not least with his grand-mother skates....

You must be very proud that he also puts on roller skates!
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