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Irene (videos by Irene) (pictures by Irene)
roller's day in Madrid
: : Itīs not a rollerīs day, itīs the rollerīs morning, that one was in Alcobendas, there were three more in other towns near Madrid.
: :
: : Next 20th May is going to be the last one in Madrid, itīs a very little roller party. Thereīs not halfs, just a little ramps of ten eigth to do a exhibition and no more.
: : They also do a little race, but very little and very slow, if you pass their limit you get punish . . . I donīt like it, i think that is useless, maybe because itīs done for show K2 skates and show that skate itīs too easy and that there is an association which teach you how to skate.
: : I donīt like that association,today , with is seigth of skate, maybe the day of tomorrow my opinio changes, but i donīt like it.
: : The idea itīs too good, but that event is not as good as the idea.
: The important is that the people roller skate.Itīs wonderfoul see the parents with their children.The subject of K2 is secondary.
: Martita i hope to see you the Sunday in Casa Campo to roller skate
: Best whishes

I agree, more passion for rollerskating and for supporting the young ones!

Go show them a thing or two! If there is a hill, set up a slalom race and go through it sidestance. Years ago, I saw one go down a steep slalom backwards on one foot really, really fast...perfection!
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