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how many of us left??
: : : Would anyone have any idea how many vert rollerskaters there would be in the world right now??I think Im the only one in australia...maybe one other but he dosent really ride anymore...
: :
: : What about Matt?
: :
: What about i see him every week but he wont ride anymore...but he has a bad back...maybe oneday he will roll again...

Matt, if you read this: A speedy recovery to you. And then: Get on your skates and have fun! If you don't read this, I'm sure Paul will tell it to you.

: Is there any vert rollerskaters in brazil??They have some sick vert skateboarders..

I don't know. I believe there were some about 12 years ago, but I haven't the slightest idea on the vertical roller skating scene in Brazil. I think there are some guys in Asia. I have seen some chinese pics ...
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