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Torru (pictures by Torru)
Old Skate Footage
: : : Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! it's very good. I like to see old videos.Thanks
: I just came across this video of Duke Rennie and it is the skatepark where I broke my elbow. This place was so hard to skate and I did a foot plant in the small bowl and landed too low and crushed my elbow. I think it was a freak accident, but I am hesitant to skate again. Before I hurt myself, I ordered the most amazing custom skates from rollergirl. I have lost my desire to skate, but I hope it comes back. Check out Duke and the place that ruined me.

oh yeah, with quads!!!!!!
You have to roller skate again, itīs the best on the life.Don't stop,roller roller roller roller and roller for ever.
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