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Rene Hulgreen
video clip
: : Hi everyone, I know Im not on this forum that often, but here I am again.
: : I know you like some new video clips of rollerskating, and I have so many, but I have had some problems vith getting them onto my com. the problem was me, I suck at com.
: : A skater friend of me, Kristian have helped me, and finaly I have the first video clip on my web-site.
: : Kristian is ripping the clips for me, and everytime there is a new one Ill put it on me web-site.
: : Hope you like them, and hopefully also soon my 3 skate DVD are ready to so I can start sending them to the ones who want them.
: : Keep skating, and thanks for your time,
: : kind regards Ren Hulgreen
: Hi Rene, I have not been checking in all that often either but it is good to see you here on the forum, I hope you are doing well and I will send you a proper email soon. If kids connect the dots they will find a direct link to thier roots through Rene from inline to traditional rollerskates, hooray for Rene an all time great. I have watched some of the vids, Morris sent me links a little while back, always good stuff and I know you have a serious archive. Take care brother. Brian

Thanks Brian, You were my herro in the old days, and you still are, never have I seen anyone skate with style like you, I have a clip of you that will be on my web-site for ever!
Hopefuly it will be there this or next week.
Hope to hear from you, take care!
Skl, Ren
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