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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
more Lyon
: : : I'm trying to submit a video. Forgive me if it fails.
: :
: : Irene, you are forgiven. But what did you do?
: Bernhard, I submitted a Quicktime .mov file (small, 1.5MB) the same way I would an image file.
: Please instruct me properly. Thanks.

Ah, Ok, I understand. That's supposed to work only with JPG imgages (other image formats would work, too). The best way to submit a video would be to put on YouTube and post the link here. I have extended the forum software in such a way that those videos will be embedded in the forum. This way I do not have to buy more server space and bandwidth. ;-) And for YouTube it is perfectly OK to embed their videos on other sited.
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