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I dropped in and got new wheels :-D
I got the zodiacs. They were well worth the effort! Makes a HUGE difference!! They are so much faster, tons lighter and dont stick. :-D A little too flouresant for my liking, but oh well.

There are grooves in them so they are very grippy still, even at 95a. So much that I cant even really hockey slide on the asphalt. The corners arent as round as I would like so sometimes they grab but that only slows me down a bit, but doesnt throw me. Overall, they are great! Fast, more noisey as I prefer, and I can tell where I am on the ramp since I can feel it more. Skating is now so much easier and amazingly more fun! I think I'll like em better when they grow bald and the corners round more tho, lol. They are 1 mm from the grind bar so I'll get some spacers tomorrow at Home Depot I guess. Theres a good mm left for the nut to unscrew so this works fine. So happy about my wheels for now.

So today got up to the last rivet before the coping on the halfpipe, about 6 inches away! I was pretty pumped after just that!! Just need to lean back some more I guess to hit the coping I think. But I'm still not comfy yet going vert, so I'll inch up there slowly. But that took so much less effort and was so much smoother with the new wheels. Yeah, really, its so much more fun when you dont feel like youre skating in mud.

Then all the kids egged me on to drop in again. So I dropped in on this 4 foot concave ramp. No coping on top, tight transition but I made it 2 out of 5 times. It wasnt quite vertical so mentally it was easier for me, the falls werent as hard since I didnt have as much speed, but no coping was hard since I had to kinda jump it. Fell at the bottom the 1st time cause I stood up too quick right when I got at the bottom and smacked my hip. Then got it twice, woo-hoo, that felt great! Then dropped in too forward twice. Once I did a face plant but it wasn't bad. Slid on my knee pads and made a tripod with my elbow, wrist guards. So now this doesnt scare me, didnt hurt at all.

But I think I almost got it now. When you go down, you just start with knees bent and slowly compress down, then go up once you hit the asphalt? Cause if I leaned forward too much in the beginning, I fell forward, stood up too soon or didnt compress at the bottom, I fell back. Is this right? This is really what I do after I transition, compress.

Also, I like to spin on my back wheels only. Is that right? Thats what the skateboarders do so I tried it and it works. Just harder once you go vert.

It was funny though, the whole skatepark stood there and cheered me on dropping in rofl! I was kinda embarassed. I was just going to be descrete about it and all, but.......hahahaha! They all must like me or somethin! You would have thought I was doing something really cool lol, OK not. :-D But after that I was practicing side surfing, so I was teaching the inliners that. They think I'm pretty cool now! They cant do it lol. I want to practice this so maybe one day I can do that.

But man, this is the best day ever!! I had so much fun!!!!! So, I told them in 2 weeks I would drop in from the 7 foot ramp thats only a flat 60 degree angle once this baby got easy or boring. They told me that ramp was actually easier. Then in 2 more weeks its the halfpipe! They wanted me to do it all in one day but I got charged, skated my butt off, smacked my hip pretty good and thought I had a good long amazing skate as it is! So guess I'll let my hip rest one day and practice jumping in my shoes.

Pretty good for a 100 degree day! :-D Hope everyone had half as much fun today as I did at least!!
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