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mental issues
Seems to me a lot of this stuff is mostly mental. Even though now I got the dropping in, I still find myself standing there looking down needing to psych myself up. I now tend not to look down as I approach the drop, but roll a couple inches and just know that once I hit the coping, gotta commit or I'll smack. Sometimes I just count and once I'm rollin I know theres no stopping.

But now I know I can do the halfpipe, mentally I'm not ready though. I did the 5 foot quarter pipe (I think) ramp that was flat down today. It was higher but once I did it it was quite easy. I watched one of my friends do the same thing on the 8 foot vert ramp since this was his first time. Just look down and chickened out. I know exactly what he was thinking/feeling cause I feel that way on the halfpipe still since it starts off vert. I know until I can commit myself, I will lean back and mess up. I also know that if mentally I was psyched up and confident, I could do it NOW. Just it takes confidence to put my head forward to do it right.

I am going to wait another week or until not only I can drop in on the small ramp, but look down without thinking twice. But how do I speed up this process? I could really pick stuff up and fall a lot less if only mentally I wouldnt get psyched out. I chicken out on the rails too all the time still. Just done some stalls so far.

I got to show off this 14 yr old big kid how to drop in today. He was really scared too! That helped me to just do it to show him how easy it was and how he shouldnt let himself get beaten by a girl, lol. A half hour later, he did it but only once then he fell cause he didnt commit. So its not just me. Seems like an awful long time just standing there looking down though... Or is this the only way?
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