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A cool toe guard idea
: i cut the toes off of a pair of inline skates, but never used it, but i think that would work well.
: just another idea.

I'll check into that if I can find some cheapo inline skates in the thrift stores. But I went to the dollar store here. I got 2 really big black rubber plungers with rubber that even goes all the way inside. Perfect to cut a hole for my toe stop and long enough to the wooden stick to go up to my laces. Cut holes like the leather ones, but the thick rubber should be much better I would guess.

Then I talked to security over at the mall since I figured that would be heaven first thing in the morning and its 3/4 mile away. Its about a mile around the mall. In MD, street skating is against the law which really sucks. Most places its considered tresspassing. But I talked to them, they gave me their number since the deal was that its OK as long as I call beforehand, I'm outta there no later then 8-9am and I dont harm myself or the property. So now gotta figure out how to get my lazy a$$ outta bed lol!

But is jumping boxes harming myself? I could hide my box behind my car and jump when noone is looking lol. They have these cool cement benches too, darnit! But still good news. I can practice my jumps, skate some long awesome steep but not too steep hills til I'm worn out and jump over potholes and stuff. When I get money need to find a lighter pair of outdoor wheels then the kryto 70 bricks I've got. No more driving an hour to the rink to practice jumps til this winter! :-D And I can now get in shape and not have to run lol. Then if it rains after work and I cant go to the skatepark, I wont be grumpy.
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