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legal issues
This morning when I called the security at the mall like I promised I would, I got flack how they prefer if I didnt since they said roller skating is very dangerous and could pose legal issues. I agrued how they already cleared me and how a fall on roller skates would be less damaging then a bike and bikes are aloud. They said but its not as likely. Well, they finally OKed me. But I also want to jump. I know if they saw me I would get flack that I could hurt myself and kicked out. I live in MD and its against the law to skate streets. I was thinking the parking lot by the grocery store for jumps since there are many food businesses there so no one business would think they were liable. I am getting up really early so there are no cars and its empty.

What do others do since I would guess that some of you skate streets too? Should I even bother calling them? I saw noone. I kinda hid my box on the side of my car so I could jump it and luckily never saw security but I guess this is evil doing lol. This makes me MAD though!! I'm sure if they see me and can see I can skate, they might leave me alone. I told them if they want me to sign a release, I'm totally fine with that.
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