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: But I'm not sure if the verical roller skating scene doesn't own its special flair in part to the fact that you can't really buy your skates off the shelf (Lisa's aren't really "off the shelf" but rather indiviually produced if I understand correctly).

True in a sense. But with the kids nowadays, if its not out there and in, there arent many kids willing to go against the flow or even contemplate it. The pressure to conform nowadays is amazing. Maybe it was when I was young too. I might have been too much in my own little world to notice or care even lol.

Kids are also not self starters and lack creativity nowadays. If there arent lessons, if their friends dont do it, if its not right there in front of them in the media (popular), and they arent spoon fed it, they wont pursue it. The kids will be the future to the sport. So I think for it to survive and hopefully flourish, it has to be out there somehow and ready to go. Skates on shelf type of thing.

Conformity nowadays really frustrates me tho! OK, I'm really my own person and all the happier for it lol. Maybe by being out there on my roller skates, the idea is planted in their heads at least so later, when they are more self assured, they know there are other options.

Also, I think once I get to the bowls, the skateboarders might think, cool, another great way to carve!!

: : I still get baffled looks/comments from newcomers who are clueless that inlines arent the end all/be all for skates.
: That's not too bad, isn't it?

Well, when I'm doing pretty decent on the ramps, the comments, "oh, if you only had aggressive skates/you need real skates now" really peaves me. I'm more interested in skating/learning then discussing if roller skates can be aggressive/vert skates. I went to a roller derby practice last weekend just because for once it felt good to be around a bunch of girls in roller skates who want to have fun! I love vert. skating the most. But sometimes I feel quite like the oddball and want to be around like people.

I'm just hoping to start making some real progress soon. I really need to start showing them some stuff. Once I do, hopefully I wont hear "those arent aggressive skates." Maybe I'm wrong. If not, I'm sure they will still pick on me for being a girl or are you a mommy at least lol. No matter what, think I"m the center of attention..........
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