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love em, love em, love em!
: Your skates look awesome. We have almost the same set up, but I have the wide trucks and skateboard wheels. I am loving the wide trucks. Grinding is a lot of fun. After only two days, one of my wheels has a flat spot. I never had this problem with my rollerskate wheels. What's up with that? I am getting really comfortable at the park and need to practice self control and not do any tricks. I actually was able to do three of my old tricks today in the small bowl. I even did the trick that caused me to break my elbow. I need to be careful cause I have no health insurance. Doh!
Yes, I LOVE them! I really have no complaints. If the leather were firmer and thicker I wouldnt mind and yes, plastic toe caps, but thats to the extent of it. Honestly, still havent done any grinding. Guess I'm a wimp lol. But I've just been skating 9 months my whole life so think I'm doing OK. I'm not bored and having fun so thats all that matters. So the wide trucks were not so hard to spin/turn with?

Well, not sure what to say about the wheels. Tell Lisa. Maybe she can send you a replacement wheel. Shes really good on that stuff. I have the roller bones 97a art wheels. Skated on them TONS already and not even a scratch. I've hit glass, rocks, everything, and they only get dirty. Supposedly they are the same material as the rat bones skateboard wheels. I think these wheels are just about perfect! Once I get wider trucks, the skinny wheels will be great.

I tried the zodiacs speed wheels and they didnt even last 2 weeks before I started getting big chips out of them. I'm not sure any pure urethane speed wheel would work well since they are very dry and brittle. I heard the V-Lites work well. They are cheap and hard and slip but dont break down. I think I'll stick with what works cause experimenting is too costly for me lol.

Hey, UR like me, once you get excited, I dont wanna stop lol. I'm laying low til Monday cause I have a big interview and knowing me, I could be limping in and mess up my chances. So this bums me out cause right now I'm not pushing myself to learn anything new. OK, so no hard tricks for you, dont blame me if you mess up a backflip lol. Small bowls, OK. Glad UR skating!! If I ever get rich, I wish, I'll come visit ya! :-D
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