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sascha xaxa fei
keep it alive!!!
wow, since yesterday when i found this forum i didn know there are so many of us still skatin rollerskates and lovin their roots..and its feels fantasic..all these last years i thought i am an relict of the good old yearz, when i showed up to an ramp with my quadsk8s, the kids couldn belive that this was the root of their newer changed to inlines.. any idiot can skate with inlines vertical, its so easy, but let them try real skates(quads)...this is where it seperates man from boys or woman from girls...rollerskating for me is much more aggresive, radical and stylish...ok things they do on inlines are amazin(double Backflip etc.) and they got my respect, but for me, i will always love my rollerskates..
i cant describe my feelins, it makes me feel like back in the 90s.. and our little family of rollerskaters in europe is still there, and there are some many new people i dont know... its amazin... thank you for fillin my hart with joy!!!In november i will go to germany an pic up my skates,
my setup is...

bauer icehockey boots
variflex baseplates
grindking magnesiumtrucks
powell swiss bearings
santa cruz slimeballs 98a 56mm (i Think)
or powell bones 101a
fotos will come in nov because they are in germany...
greetz from sunny fuerteventura
sascha xaxa fei

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