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NY tales
: Hi all. We ( isra and me ) are gonna tell you something that has happened to us today.
: Irene meet us a skateboard boy the other day. Here it's a private indoor bowl and he has the key ( paying ) to get into. He's a nice guy so he invited us to get there and skate with him.
: We expected to have a nice afternoon in a raining day but it turns into deception. When we got to the skatepark another guy told our friend that the bowl is only for skateboarders so it was better not us to skate there. We saw the wood bowl a few minutes and went back home.
: What do you think about this?
I had a similar experience. My skatepark says for skateboarders, inliners and bmx only. When I went there the first time, they were hesitant to let me in and told me they dont really allow roller skates in the park since they arent for aggressive skating. A guy came in and said my wheels were OK and to let me try if I wanted to. After I showed them these skates are OK, they were OK. A month ago, I emailed the closest indoor skatepark near here since all the ones close by are outdoor. I thought I would ask since this place said for skateboarders only. But I figured trucks are trucks. They told me I couldnt go in. :-( I was MAD!

I think the prob. is that there are issues between the skateboarders and inliners with each one thinking they are superior. The inliners can fly all over the place like the BMXers do so that is a small possibility. Maybe it creates more peace? Crap happens between the 2 at times. Anyway, think we get lost in this struggle. Just an idea. I think its unfair! I think it creates more tension between the disciplines.

Sorry you missed out in a skate! Tomorrow the sun will be out.
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