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Adrian Miranda (pictures by Adrian Miranda)
hi again
whats up roller skaters!!!!!!!

At first,im happy cause my friends are in woodward skate camp.they are making a dream come true.

congratulations and good luck guys.

I would like to be with you there.

Isra,im sorry by your injury.

Nelo,im sorry,i have to call you.sorry again.

lola,nice to meet you today.

Ricard,thaks for your invitation,finally i cant went.

well,im better by my shoulder injury(3 months)

really im a little beat afraid to back to skate because it was too bad than i was think.(dislock and broke)

probably,next weekend begin to skate again(softly)


P.S:Thanks to all the people that support me to back to skate,especially mi girlfriend Rachel.
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