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Carrera Boot by Riedell
Hi Irene,

Great pic. I was actually thinking of doing that move before I skated today. I am still taking it really easy so I did not do it, but had a great session. I have learned to stop your session, when you are tired and want to keep going. I left today after a good session and now I can't wait to skate tomorrow. I am learning to hold back and just enjoy the small stuff. I am currently just trying to carve the entire bowl, which can be challenging. I got used to ramps where I did not carve and just did tricks on every side. Now, I just try to carve and hit every wall. It is so hard not to try my old tricks. I have set a goal for myself. I am going to try not to do any of my old tricks until November. The main reason is because I don't have health insurance and the other is just because I am trying to be patient. It is a humbling experience to skate like a beginner and know the tricks you used to do. There is no doubt in my mind that I will do all of my old tricks in November. I am not at a point where I can push my limits and fall. Even if I bail or just put my left hand down, I am hurting pretty bad. I have a medal pin in my elbow and it hurts a lot. I promise that if I don't get hurt before November, then I will be doing front and back flips and my signature layback air. It is very hard and boring to not try my old tricks, but I am getting exercise and only my ego is currently getting hurt. I am guessing that eventually I will get my old tricks back and also add grinding and plate slides to my bag of tricks. I am suprised how well I am adapting to the wide trucks and grind plates. When you come down to So Cal, let me know and we can skate hard.


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