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Aggressive Quads
: Hi Denny,
: nice to see you here. Also nice to see your enthusiasm about roller skating. Do you skate on ramps yourself?

: Bernhard

: I'm sorry not to respond right away yesterday due to the fact I was on the clock work'n, you know how bosses REALLY DIG IT, LOL, when your not actually producing on the web.
To answer you question to weather I skate ramps? The answer is yes. Mainly just a little high speed pyramid jumps
and small areials off 1\4 pipe coping like 180s and stuff.

I can't tell ya how glad to find all of you, " MY PEOPLE ",
referring to the world collection of Hard core Verticle Rollerskaters! ! ! ! in one place here on the W.W.W.
Well for the vert park I skate at currently is located near my house in Torrance Ca within Charles Wilson Park next to the roller hockey rink. I constantly look for faster alternate lines thru obstacle sections without getting shaken, DIG IT , My hero/mentor growing up was definetely Fred Blood, who side stanced like a banshee.
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