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gaskets and small pads?
HI Claudine,

Pro Designed are awesome pads and the owner is a really cool guy, but I would see if you have any skate shops or sporting good stores in your area so that you can try them on. There are so really great pads out there and a lot of the new ones have adjustable straps. As for knee gaskets, I love my scabs. As for protecting against a broken bone, I broke my elbow with huge Pro Designed pads, but it was a fluke.

: I've been considering pro-designed pads (they could make me a Q pad which isnt in existance anymore but those would work for me) and scabs. I think I've sided with scabs unless I find they are too big. I was told they should fit! I'm very small! And now I'm considering gaskets too. Any opinions on these? I love to skate but dont want to ever have to think about surgery or anything.
: I want mega elbows to slide on just cause landing on my hand is jamming my shoulder and arm. I have XS in s-ones but they are actually too big and too thin for vert. Any advice here? Any size charts for scabs? The PD minis would fit but thats only 1/2 inch padding. The other ones would take my entire arm and his pads are expensive.
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