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Cool videos
I don't really know how youtube works, but I guess when you post a video they put similar vidoes on your page. I picked two videos that I really love. I personally don't get the kids at the skatepark that don't wear pads and only do a few tricks. I guess skateboarders can bail easier than us, but I tend to love to watch the little kids who are smart enough to wear pads. I have recently seen several really good older guys with out pads that shred and when they bail they just run. I can remember a time doing flips with out a helmet, but now I would never skate with out pads. I did see Toto Ghali skate with no pads in France and he ripped. He did not wear pads because he had a hurt knee and I guess it would have been too painful and he ripped. I guess I just don't get the no pad thing with all of these young kids that could be so much better, if they skated harder. You can't progress with out taking some big falls. Anyway, I picked these two videos because they are amazing. I think Bombe is on this forum and I would have loved to skate with him. I could have probably showed him two tricks and he probably could have shown me ten. I went to add the awesome video of the young kid, but could not find it, but check out this amazing video.

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