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I've learned so much from this site. I've never skated with another quad sk8r outside nor seen one even. If it werent for Lisa's site a year ago, I wouldnt have known it were possible. A year ago I saw a sk8park first time. I didnt know if I would be able to do it but it sure looked like lots of fun. This is the best site ever! I tried on a pair of aggressive inlines not that long ago and within 5 minutes I knew I was a quad sk8r for life. Its just nice to know I'm not the only one. I hope in a year or so from now, when I get better and can afford to do so, to sk8 with some of you guys! That would be the best day ever.

: Well, I think your site is awesome and I appreciate having a place to chat with some cool vert skaters. A lot of the old boarders have sites like Old Man Army and It's nice to have a place like this. I have pretty much skated with only skateboarders my entire life. When I was very young, I would compete in A.S.P.O, which was a skateboard and rollerskate competition series and I did get to skate with other quad skaters, but I have mostly been the only 8 wheeler around. This site actually got me back into quad skating and I appreciate that.
: : : I just noticed the video section on here. It is awesome! I did not realize that when you include a video in a post, it goes straight to the video section. Great job!
: :
: : Thank you! But I hope that I will find time to improve it a bit. It would also be nice if I could integrate the videos if someone posted a link to his YouTube section. BTW: It's the same with the pictures section. It also presents the pictures posted by person.
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