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: I don't know much about websites and how they work, but it would be cool if you added a profile section. I noticed you have a pics section of certain people and it says something about them, but it would be cool to have a profile section where we could learn more about the people on this site. Maybe a small bio section and a place for pics and videos. That would be cool!

I think you mean something interactive. I.e. where a user can log in and edit his profile himself. Yes, that would require a bit of work. There is mainly one thing missing for this kind of stuff: authentication. You may have noticed that there is no such thing for the forum. You have to enter your name with every posting and you don't need to provide a password. The reason for this is that I didn't want to bother people with that and that I wanted to keep the forum a very open place. The downside is that you really can't to profiles this way since in contrast to a forum post, the owner of a profile should be able to come back and change it. And he doesn't want someone else to edit his profile. Another problem is that it is quite easy for spammers to post into the forum. I deal with this problem by some filtering techniques. Sometimes a spammer gets in unnoticed by the filters. Then I have to delete the spam by hand and improve the filters.

To summarize: Your suggestion is a very good one but not as easy to implement as the functions "browse images" and "browse videos". I hope to get around to doing it sometime since I very much want to keep this the best possible place for vertical roller skaters. Till then, it is always possible to send me some material and I can create a page like the other personal pages.
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