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Will these elbows do for vert?
: : I found these, hockey ones. They are an inch thick in the elbow. I dont fit into any of the adult pads, maybe the scabs. I cant overextend my arm in these but thats GOOD right now. I was looking for elbow gaskets and couldnt find any.
: maybe these?

Well, I dont think I can fit into large unless I start taking steriods lol. :-P I was told that smiths were smaller? I might just try all smith scabs and see about gaskets for both. I'll start lifting weights too! Been lazy on that one. The hockey ones see more for impact getting hit (hockey stick) then slamming into the ground. Thinner with more outter plastic on the lower arm. But if the scabs dont fit, its PD kiddies I guess lol.
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