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hey Irene
: : I'm almost done with the image, like it/ideas? Think I'll keep the background abstract. Tried to email it to you but it bounced back. Doing Lisa next..... :-D
: Hey, that's cool! If you need a better resolution of this picture for this kind of art, let me know and I email it to you.

Well, feel free to send me any good air photos! I only have 2 more weeks and lots of studying to do, but besides sk8n, I love being an artist. I'm more of an expressionist then realist so super large photos arent necessary but helpful. I think I made her head too wide lol. I might do Brian after Lisa. In Oct. my art will go back to being put on the shelf again til summer since I will be busy coding. :-(

By next summer or this winter to make the images into t-shirts. There aren't any and I want SUPER COOL vert roller skating shirts!! :-D Maybe I'll make my own stickers too!!
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