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Question for Irene
Hi Irene,

I know that you are a couple of years older than me and am curious when you started skating? I am guessing you are like me and never knew there were other quad skaters in those days. Back in 1979 and the early 80's I was very young and skated the A.S.P.O. comps here in Cali and was able to see other rollerskaters. I was one of a few in L.A. county and did get to see about ten others during the competitions. After the parks closed down, I never saw another quad skater and I just showed up at backyard ramps and had to prove myself during the first drop in and they allowed me to skate. I went about ten years periodically skating when the opportunity presented itself. When I switched to inline, I was skating Mike Mcgill's skatepark and then met some guys with a ramp in their backyard in El Segundo. When I travelled Europe, they had public skateparks and I came across a lot of good skaters in Marsaille France. I would love to hear some stories about how others skated during the days of no skateparks?
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