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You are still very young. It's not like 24 years ago, when a skater at 23 had passed his or her prime. Although I plan on getting some of my tricks back, my body can't handle too much these days. I think Europe saw skateparks a lot later than the U.S., when we had nothing to skate you were getting all types of skateparks. I remember going to Europe and thinking how cool it was that you had all kinds of public parks. Now, we have all kinds of places to skate in the U.S. and it makes me so happy, but at the same time, I feel I really missed out in my prime. I can now drive two miles away and skate a concrete park for free. I go mainly for the exercise and the fun, but also realize I am not going to rip it up like the old days. Skating is so awesome and it is really adding so much to my life at this point in time. Keep skating and share more pics.

: I think like you
: Im 26 years old(11 november 27)and its great that feeling like a 12 years kid(the age that I was started to skate)when you are on your skates.
: I thank God to that second chance that you talk and and so happy to meet people who think the same way and practice this amazing sport
: the best people I never meet in my life was rollerskaters like me and today still manteining a very good frienship and relationship from more than 10 years ago.
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