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hi all!!!
Hi Noki,

nice to see you here! Do you also know the site It covers only female aggressive inline skaters.

: what is the difference between a pair of roller blades(like the 1 ive got)and quad roller skates????

Well, there are some differences (have a look at my description "How to build a vertical rollerskate" for a general impression. The main difference is: you've got two trucks, often skateboard freestyle trucks which are quite a bit wider than conventional roller skate trucks. This gives you another kind of steering (each truck is steerable, which makes roller skates a bit more difficult at first for beginners) and the abitility do do real grinds (on the axles). You also can use bigger and harder wheels which is faster in the half pipe. Quite some roller skaters never regained the height of their airials after they switched to inlines during the inline boom. On the other hand, there are also tricks which can be done only on inlines ... Another difference: you can do side stance more easily on roller skates (I'm not a side stance ride myself, but Brian and Irene are. You can see them also in this forum). For an explanation of side stance riding, follow the link on the resource page of this site to an explanation from Brian.

: (i allways considered the quads as an oldschool thing,ive never thought that some1 can skate vert with does skates!!!)

You're quite right about the old school aspect. Riding vert on roller skates predates inlines on ramps quite a bit. When inlines came up, I also thought you can't do much on a ramp with them. But back in those days, there weren't any aggressive inline skates on the market. There also weren't any inline wheels suitable for this kind of skating.

I hope we will see more from you in this forum! Also have a look at my skate magazine It's mostly in german, but it has a lot of inline vert photos (mainly in the events section).

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