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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
hello again,ad sorry..
: about the flooding on my previous letter,it happnd by mistake...:-)

No problem. Maybe I remove the duplicates when I find time. Thank you for the photo of you!

: i wana ask somthing:how the hell you r doing such a lovely airs!?!?!??!?is ther anybody here that can teach how to make an "air"????
: i know how to make a "backplip","misty","frontside grind" and "stols",but i cant do air!

Learn them on a vert ramp (not on mini). Improve your push (you should get all your speed from pushing in the transition, not in the flat). Push against the coping. It will pop you back in the ramp so that you don't do a hang up. Keep pushing. Speed is the need!

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