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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Robert's pics
: Bernhard, you are always so cool.

I would put it rather this way: You are an accomplished roller skater who want's to share his experience and photos on the web and I am a computer programmer who also tries to roller skate a bit. Each of us is trying to foster our small community. Let's just be happy at our big success of finding each others and being able to communicate. We progress from there but progress sometimes is slow.

: I am a bit frustrated because I am trying to share and not doing it very well.

I think you made a lot of people here very happy with your photos.

: My link worked on the skateboard site that I am on, but not on yours.

That's in part my fault, but it's also not completely unintentional. You can make links work by either using HTML or by using a url-tag. E.g. [url=]slideshow message[/url] can be used to link to your slideshow message. I implemented this because Zorg tried to use it. He probably knew this syntax from some other forum.

In contrast, I made the Youtube links "just work". But now, other video sites are cropping up and they don't work unless I do a bit of re-programming.

: That is cool because the friggin slideshow just keeps going and does not stop. My intentions are good, but I am not accomplishing my goal and getting extremely frustrated.

You need a lot of patience.

: Thanks for correcting my errors.

You're welcome.

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