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Family Tree
I have been doing a lot of research in the Action Sports industry for my new job. It has led me down some different paths and really has made me think about the old days and the roots of vert rollerskating. I would like to put together a family tree and sort of a history for us. We all know Fred Blood and Duke Rennie, but there were many more from many other places. I am suggesting that each person on this forum do some research in there area and contact the people they know and collect pictures of any rollerskaters at anytime. It would be cool to have the name, date, and location. I would suggest just collecting as much info as you could get and then sending it to my personal e-mail: . I have no idea where I will take this, but I was going to suggest it and thought why not do it myself.

Here is a cool link a skateboarder sent me of a female rollerskater in the 70's.
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