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I passed skatebuilding!!
: Please post pictures and a how to do with a point by point. I love my skates, but would like to put a medal plate on and screw on skateboard trucks.
I will! I should have something up by Wednesday with tons of pics. I will put it on my website first. Then edit it since I will put wider trucks on it too for here but I will put up a link by Wed. It was FUN! I love to build and make things with my own hands. I love my own roller skates so much more!! I am now free to do anything I want. :-D

I want to build my own plates next time around too, with a cool grindplate, mini skateboard trucks, etc. But it was good for me to learn how to center a plate first and get this right. Plus, until I get stronger and better, that setup wont benefit me more. Plus I need to find out if I will go sidestance, what angle I might want my plate to go out to then, if I want it pushed all the way to the ends, etc. I'm really proud of this because I was so scared to do it since I couldnt afford to mess up my boots. Usually I learn by watching and I managed via word and with some pics. I just hope my foot heals totally soon so I can push my limits and see where this new setup takes me.
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