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Think I'm lucky!
: That company that supposedly covered extreme sport accidents no longer covers rollers sports.

Never appreciated this beforehand. My whole life I've been teased for being so small and always hated this. But now I see this as being lucky and perfect for skating. I dont have far to fall and no weight to speak of to slam down on top of me. I know all these really heavy people who break over basic things or need surgery, have tons of health problems, etc. and I'm sure its from their weight. Small people dont have all these problems. Why dont they pay for activities that prevent all these problems but gladly cover all the illnesses instead? Just happy for the first time in my life to be tiny. I probably wont break, at least not easily.

I start my job with the government in less then 2 weeks! I will find something to cover me a bit now. They have a 40 mile bike path right outside the door and a skatepark 15 mins away. Too bad I'm taking a difficult class now. Would love to skate nonstop after work lol! Planning now on getting an MP3 player after my first paycheck. :-D
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