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How much should you push yourself?
When I skate, I always like to try or push myself in just one or two things. If I am injured, I dont. If I improve in something or try something new, thats good enough for me for a day! And at times, some days each day I keep improving and doing new things and its great. Sometimes it seems I'm stuck for a few days/weeks even.

But if I am not falling at all, and/or getting bored, then I push myself more or look for something new. If I keep succeeding, I will push something new each day. Is this too much? Robert hinted so so I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong. The gap I jumped, I had 2 bad falls and a dozen or more good successes. I thought it was appropriate. I just have a bruise to show from one time my one leg lagged below, what I would personally expect. The guys at the park were egging me on to do more. I was happy and left it at that. I always practice the basics too but I like to have a goal or so a day to work on. What do others do? Is this too fast? I thought I was going rather reserved. I dont fall much nowadays.
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