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Problem with jump bars
: : I just did stalls on the curb. I really slammed on it though since I was mad that I'm afraid of jumping up onto things. I did it only about 10 times. This is what happened to my jump bars. They are really smashing the cushions down now on one end. I weigh nothing too! Should I bang them out or leave them alone? I guess no stalls? Lisa said she might not have any grind bars right now for me for a couple months, other ideas, even if temporary? I have a probe plate with the narrow ramp trucks. I might just skip stalls for now.
: Not sure if the bar is such a good idea as it's not only damaging your rubbers but as it bends it is pulling your king pins in together and putting stress on them and your plates.Maybe you could flaten them again and put something solid between the plate and the underside of tha bar, to make it more solid.
: cheers joe

I flattened them. :-D But I'm not sure what to put underneath it without drilling holes. My plate isnt flat, concave strip which protrudes out. I want to get RollerGirls grind bars again! They never bend on me and are simple to install. They make lots of noise and Lisa said they sometimes spark. I would love that! Guess its best to wait? I cant believed I smashed them in lol. I will think about it some more..... I dont want too many holes in my boot if its temporary.
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