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Bones SPF's
I hear these are amazing wheels. Anyone out there try them? I have had three boarders recommend them and hear they don't flat spot and are extremely fast. I will be buying them this weekend. Kind of expensive, especially for eight, but seems well worth it. I ride spitfires right now and have flat spots on at least three wheels. I am finding speed to be very important in the bowls. The faster I go, the better the truck grinds are. Now that I am rolling in, the speed is getting pretty good and the grinds are getting a lot longer. Only a couple more weeks till I start trying to learn my old tricks. I can't wait till I do my first back flip. I am scared, but determined to get my old tricks back. Maybe by the time I am 40, which is in less than two years, I will be skating like I did at 22 years old. Actually, my goal is to get where I was at when I was 14 years old, but with the power I had at 22.
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