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Best day ever!
Yeah, I am dropping in the mini now, no fear finally one after the other, jumpin in! The best high of my life ever. Really, I have a fear of heights actually so to be able to look straight down and to feel no fear is a big deal for me. The looking down, even if easy, always got me freaked. I usually have to roll in cause of it. But I figured it out. Stick you head up front like an ostich and got it every time. EASY!!! Did it 40 times, lol. Think I'm ready for the larger halfpipe now? I skated another 2 hours, now I cant move my legs, hahaha!

But when you drop in, does the ramp suck you up? I tried to jump the transitions but either my legs were dead tired or it felt like it was sucking me into the ramp. Towards the end, felt like my legs were collapsing. But I was trying to avoid hitting the coping since on this mini, its too high, 3/4-1 inch sticking up. Thats why I jump in. I asked the skateboarders and they said its wrong and too high cause the other ones are only less then half an inch. Its a handbuilt wood ramp, warped and all, its a cool one to start on! So next week, up a foot to the 5 footer. I think that will be easier on the transitions, then I can start doing stalls and tricks finally, woo-hoo! Awesome day! Skating keeps getting more and more fun. WHen I arrive its like going to Disney World!
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