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Wild Bill is a nice guy....
Actually, I cant really get many jobs doing graphics, especially for a decent salary/hours, so I'm programming now. My job here is data entry/PHP. My resume is on my website but I can send you one, just not many opportunities til I get exeperience. I should start soon. Once I have 2 years experience, I can get jobs anywhere. So I might be coming over! I need a skating pal. :-D Once I can, yes I will be moving into a climate friendly, skater friendly place. WIth many bowls!! And good hospitals lol. Probably next door to you, OK!?

: I actually might be able to find you a job. I am a recruiter for the action sports industry and call on these companies everyday. The positions that I fill are for very experienced people and my company charges a hefty fee.
: With that said, I have met many skaters that are Graphic Designers etc that I am always willing to help for free. Feel free to send me your resume and I will see if I can get it in front of the right person. When you e-mail me, please give me the bullet points of what you do. Resumes don't tell the entire story. It sounds like you are a very accomplished graphic designer, but I don't know enough about that field to sell you so please let me know. Please include the programs you know such as illustrator etc. If you move out here, then I can teach you some skating. lol
: : : You crack me up! I am glad Bill was able to help you out. I had a few discussions with him by e-mail and he seems like a good oldschool guy. As far as your knee gasket situation....I always wear shorts because So. Cal is pretty warm and my pads keep me warm. The reason that I use gaskets is to make sure my knee pads don't slide off. They would not serve that purpose underneath your pants. lol. I worry less about movement and more about protection so I am pretty bulked up with my pads. Maybe you could wear shorts over thermals and wear your gaskets?
: : :
: : Yeah, he was really cool about it, nice guy, I can stitch better though lol. I probably wont do PD again. It might be a few weeks to get them back. Mine right now have straps that overhang by more then 2 inches lol.
: :
: : Hey, didnt think about the thermals, awesome idea! Yeah, without the gaskets, my knee pads might flip around backwards, no joke. I might make elbow ones with the elbow pad and velcro if those pads also spin on me. Hey, where do you get thermals? Could you find me a job in CA? I want to move now!! I'm too addicted to skating. My legs hurt again lol, can hardly walk.
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