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ready for stalls....
Awwww, poor Robert! Hope your leg is better at least. Hope you feel better soon!!

Well, some is soft wheels. Sorry, I'm broke, no money for a video camera, but thats on my want list. Hopefully I will start work soon and will have some money. Just that means less skating. :-( Cant win.

I was messing up on the transitions at first cause when I hit the other side, wasnt stretched out enough to get a good spin. Fixed that today. I think I shouldnt have to pump when dropping in to go past the coping though or am I wrong? It could be the weight. The big guys go higher I've noticed. I will watch the inliners next time they are on the ramps but most of them jump in I think. I do small jumps now. Guess I've got to go big diving in, huh? Thanks Robert!

: This is my second day on the sidelines because my neck is messed up from sleeping wrong or something. Are you trying to do this on a quarter or half? I wish you could take some pictures of what you skate and then I am sure a lot of us could give advice. I am sure one challenge is that you weigh less than most of us.
: : I have the transitions/pumping, etc. down now after I drop in. I'm on a roll this week!! Got some high 5's today at the skate park too!! Just I am not going beyond the coping. :-( Any ideas? I started to jump in more, got a touch of it on my wheel during a transition. Extending a little more, got a little higher. Wont spend more money on wheels for this set up. So I'm skating with the 85a aerobic wheels for now. If anyone has any hints other then wheels, if I can go beyond the coping, I will get my stalls down and that will be awesome! Thanks for letting me share my excitement. Its been a great skating week for sure!
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