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new skates
: : : new skates worked a treat,no action shots yet but I'm very happy
: : :
: : : cheers joe
: :
: : Hows the grind set up working for ya? Yours looks like they grab on nicely. I might be able to get some plates, but dont know if the freestyle minis will take rollergirls grind bars or if I'll do midtracks which I know dont. I dont want a heavy grind set up. I cant find sliders available anywhere either. Not yet sure what I'll do but I hope to have a new plate set up myself this winter/spring latest so need to plan it out now. And I'll be grinding/sliding away with them! I think by Wednesday I'll be rollin again. :-D
: Sound good.. but why dont you make your own sliders? Plastic is easier to work with than metal and just as easy to get hold of,plus you dont have to pay for a brand name and everything you make is experience under your belt,even if you fuck up the first few times...give a man(or woman) a fish and he'll eat for a day,,teach him(her) to fish and he'll eat forever..
: cheers joe

I dont know anything about plastic, where to get it, etc. Thats why I though maybe the square PVC pipe would work! I guess you can cut it with a jigsaw? I will have to research it and see if there are square tubes for me to work with cause that would be perfect. I could even curve it hopefully to make it clasp on more. I dont know of a plastics place around here. Just Home Depot which I dont think might have much.
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