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Holly Gohardly
media attention?
can you post the article??


: Wow, today was a crazy day! I went to the local skatepark competition for skateboarders and inliners. Little did I know the guys would all be jumping on ME for not entering! I just do my thing and dont pay much attention to what others might think since I'm the only female, older, ripping it up in my disco skates lol. Well, somehow I got respect.......
: I guess the word got around to the newspapers. I was there as a spectator taking photos of my friends ripping it up. So the local paper came over to interview ME about roller skating. Where I got the idea from, how I learned, my skates, etc. I wasnt kidding when I said I was the only quad skater around here. So yep, I'll be in the paper this week!
: And yes, the word is out, next year I promised to compete. Probably in my own category. I'll make up my own tricks and what I mess up on, I'll just ham it up like I meant it lol and have a good ol time! I'm too old to take life too seriously. Unless I start getting some bucks working to do a better set up, I might focus more presently on inverts, rotating jumps, footwork, airs. Stuff I know I can do well in with what I have so I look good next year. If grinding doesnt really happen to later, so be it. I'll just let my skates stand for themselves rather then compare what the inliners do.
: Here I thought I didnt really fit in since I was different. I was wrong! I do and get to be the center of attention too, love it lol! So I think I might be changing the image that roller skates are for disco and not aggressive. :-D Dang, I'm in the paper, woo-hoo!
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