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Design 1 - sliders
: Cool!!! I would push both ends closer to the hangers (check that they don't touch at there max rotation). Straight or curved is a matter of habits/personal preference. For my case beginning with curved helped, but now I prefer straight (Like Bombe team): much more freedom !!!!
: For the great square holes, you can replace them by many big holes, then just a driller is needed!!!!

This is hard for me since I'm not really doing slides yet. I thought that instead of having the plate as tall as possible, having some space to clasp I might like. Just requires a little more jump off, my legs love being jumpy. Right now I cannot clasp onto the coping at all. The plates are too high up.

I think flat by the wheels is nice for square, a touch curve in the center, make it more narrow though, maybe I can clasp onto a rail! My other idea is more a trangle shape, like Duke but not down to the plate.

If the wheels are not so far from the plate, simple flat silders might be fine. This seems to be getting too heavy for me. I want to be a member of Bombe Handplant soon so cant lift up bricks! I'm tiny...... Working now on handstands.
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