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Just sent it to you and it seems really good. It is not health insurance and only applies to accidents that can be anything according to the guy I am talking to. If you cut your finger, you can go to a doctor and they will pay you $120 for the visit. I guess since our type of sport is so small, they can afford this.

: : I know that I brought up some accident insurance that did not turn out well. I did some research and AFLAC is awesome. I am going to sign up this week. I don't know, if they cover folks outside of the U.S, but I will keep you posted, if you are interested. Claudine, this is perfect insurance for you. It is $43 a month and the coverage is pretty good. I don't want to bog down the forum, but will send you the information. If anyone else is interested, let me know and I can either post the coverage or send it to you privately.
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: Thanks, I appreciate it! Let me know about how long after work I can still qualify, pre-existing conditions which I dont get, etc. when you get a chance. Right now its week-by-week I live on until I start work and I like to eat daily and often ya know lol.
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