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They have really good dense bread and spicy mustard. Get Milka chocolate!! Red cabbage is good too. I'm German and dont like saurkraut either and not much else. :-O My brother goes there for the beer and chocolate lol.

: : Hey Bernhard I'm going to a German restraunt tonight,, any suggestions on whats good to eat?
: Depends on what they offer. In Germany we have lots of Italian, Chinese, Thai, Afghan, Turkish, Greek and much more nationalities operating restaurants. ;-)
: Some typical german food often isn't compatible with international tastes. E.g. a friend of mine has an italian fiance. It's impossbile to invite the two of them to a Sauerkraut dish. He likes my cooking in this respect very much but to her merely mentioning Sauerkraut causes her to shudder.
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